I Am Looking For The Perfect….


The perfect black dress. The perfect pair of jeans. The perfect man. The perfect job. A perfect score on an exam. Does perfect really exist?

I am not perfect by any means. My marriage wasn’t perfect. I am not a perfect mother. Life isn’t always fair. How will you respond?

If you are looking for the perfect man. I am not going to tell you to stop looking. Sometimes the perfect man for you is right before your eyes. Yet, you pass him by because of your ideas of perfection.

Perhaps it is the perfect job that you desire. You have the ability to make your job perfect. The power is in your hands.

We all want things to be perfect. And I think that is great. I hosted an event on Thursday and I wanted everything to be perfect. I envisioned the tasting room filled with family and friends. The evening was perfect. But it wasn’t what I had in mind initially. I could have worried that there were not enough people there. But we made it work and my event was a huge success.

We have to remember to teach our children that things don’t always work out perfectly as planned. But that doesn’t mean it is a tragedy.

Life teaches us how to grow from our daily experiences. Especially when things don’t go as we planned. Yes, I believe that some things are perfect. Like the sun setting over the water. The sight of a newborn baby and God’s love for us.

Some things may never be perfect. Don’t throw away a chance at finding out just how special that moment, person, experience or job really is.

I was searching for something and it needed to be perfect. It wasn’t until I took a closer look at the flaws and realized that perfect was staring back at me.


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