I Changed My Mindset


Have you taken a moment to think about your mindset? As a blogger I have taken the time to focus on my mindset and see where I needed to make adjustments in my life. So much of the stress was being caused by my insecurities and the opinions of what others said or thought about me. It has been a process. But I encourage you to take time and change your mindset. It will change your life.

I had a fixed mindset when it came to many areas of my life. After much reflection and prayer.  I was able to develop a growth mindset. Situations that I felt I was failing at. I now turned them into learning experiences. I no longer seek the approval of others. That might just have come with age!

Criticism for me can be constructive and positive. I no longer view my flaws as negative. I have created a sense of purpose in all areas of my life. It was hard to face some areas of my life. But in order for me to have peace and move forward it had to be done.

My weight has been the topic of focus for me. I can’t do a minute plank yet. “Yet” is the key word that you must attach to all of your statements. I haven’t been able to stay on the elliptical for 45 minutes yet. My favorite jeans don’t fit me yet. I have changed my mindset and I feel better at approaching my challenges with my current weight.

The kids and I are always setting goals. We made changes to our vision board this weekend. There were several things on our vision board that we accomplished this summer. The kids were smiling and happy to reflect on the process of our accomplishments.

Reflection is essential for me. It helps guide my next move. It drives me to challenge myself to be better. Reflecting is not always pleasant especially when the topic is difficult. Or if it wasn’t your shining moment. Some of the best lessons in life I learned after a tough situation.



Do you have a fixed mindset? Are you ready for a change?

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