What Aisle For The Princess Pads?


I knew there was a reason that I didn’t post a blog this morning. Today’s blog happened within the past hour. Sydney and I decided to go to Giant. Her favorite grocery store. We had our list. Since it was raining. She had to be very dramatic with her Mary Poppins song selection.

I told her we only needed a few things. She immediately grabbed the smaller cart. She went directly to the fruit section. She grabbed her blackberries, grapes and raspberries. As I checked things off of the list. I would read off what we needed next.

Sydney continued pushing the shopping cart and reading the signs for each aisle. We were doing great. And moving quickly I might add. A worker asked us if we were finding everything okay. I said yes. Well, that’s when Sydney said “What aisle for the princess pads?” Now the princess pads was my idea to help Sydney understand her period and what she needed. The princess pads go in a special princess purse that she keeps in her back pack at school.

So, the surprised look on the poor worker’s face, made me break out in a hot flash. I was speechless as she led us to the coloring book aisle and showed Sydney the princess books. I knew it was time to intervene, to let her know we needed the feminine hygiene aisle. The lady fell in love with the princess pad concept. She wanted to hear all about autism and the princess pads. I gave her a business card and told her to read the blog later today.

We are almost out of the store but we needed the ice cream. Sydney picks up two gallons. Before I could even tell her that we don’t need two gallons of ice cream. She said, “It’s 2 for $5 and pointed to the sign.

Next stop The Liquor Store.

Sydney really showed her independence today. She will be 13 years old in two weeks. She enjoys going out in the community now. And when we do go out it is always an adventure.

9 thoughts on “What Aisle For The Princess Pads?

      1. I hope your Uncle Bubba is watching over her, but I know that she has more than 72,000 angels to protect her. Sydney has a wonderful imagination and mother. Keep on blogging!

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