The Purple Bra

I really didn’t want to use a picture of a purple bra for today’s blog.

She shrugs her shoulders. I think she even mumbled under her breath. When I told her it was time for bed. And when I gave her the wrong juice with breakfast. She said, “Mom you should pay attention.” Is she talking to me? Who does she think she is?

All of this from a little girl who grunted to communicate until the age of six. She screamed because she was so frustrated that she couldn’t communicate with us. Now she is definitely a teenager.

August 27th will be an emotional day. It’s the anniversary of our move to Delaware. The day that someone I loved attempted suicide in front of me. And it’s Sydney’s 13th birthday.

I’ll admit that it is a lot for me to digest. But I am much stronger now. The emotions that I will feel on that day will not include tears.

Instead, I will enjoy the moment and thank God for our blessings. Sydney is excited about her birthday. She wants to do some online shopping of course. She has her list of things that she would love for her birthday. Harrison bought her an Amazon gift card already.

Yesterday Sydney asked me for a purple bra. Seriously? I told her that I don’t even have a purple bra. She couldn’t stop laughing. When I think of a purple bra. I think of the Victoria Secret’s catalog. I will see if I can find the birthday girl a lavender “kiddie” bra.

There was a time I bought her gifts for her birthday and she didn’t know the appropriate way to play with them. They sat in toy box for years. Syd the kid has come a long way, with God’s grace and mercy and your prayers.

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