You Don’t Need Therapy, Just Pray


When I was younger, I remember a pastor preaching about this topic in a sermon. His words were harsh and stuck with me for quite some time.

He said that if you believe in God you don’t need to waste money on therapy. Just pray  about your situation.

You all know I love the Lord. I go into my prayer closet and talk to God like I am talking to my daddy. God doesn’t always answer my prayers. But I always feel a sense of peace and hope after praying. God’s timing is always perfect. If you are waiting for a moment like Moses from The Bible. You might want to keep waiting. But as you continue with your prayer life and relationship with God. He will lead you and guide your steps.

When all hell was breaking loose in my life. I prayed on my knees faithfully. But I was still struggling. I knew that people were praying for me. But I needed to talk with someone. Again, everyone said don’t waste your time on therapy. You better pray about it.

Finally, I had to explain to them that if I don’t seek therapy for myself. I will be the lead actress in the sequel for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. After all, how is it okay for Sydney to get help for speech, sensory, and physical therapy. But not okay for me to discuss my feelings and frustrations with a neutral party.

Therapy was helpful for me. It was “my time”. But it also allowed me to keep a journal and reflect on my life, my mistakes and how to move forward. I was blessed to have a great therapist to help me. I was defensive at first. It was hard to hear some of the hard truths. But I’m glad that I experienced that. It was my wake up call.
After my divorce the kids and I did family therapy. This was helpful for the children. Harrison had a chance to verbalize his feelings about everything. At one session Syd was asked to draw her family. She drew her stick figures and then colored over the picture. Next, she starting screaming and ripped the paper into tiny pieces. It was in that moment that I knew that we all needed therapy.

Don’t ever feel ashamed for wanting to get therapy for yourself or your family. It is not a sign that you don’t love the Lord. It is a sign that you trust God and have faith.

Faith without works is dead. James 2:14-26

If you want change you have to believe it will happen and work on your situation.



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