Plot Twist


Everyone loves a great story. The story gets even better when there is a plot twist. In our home the words Plot Twist, can be a game changer.

We all love routine and schedules. I know that when my schedule changes abruptly. I am often thrown off guard. Think about what happens to children with autism when a change in routine occurs.

If the change is unexpected. It could cause distress. Not only for the child. But for the family or everyone within twenty feet. Here’s the perfect example.

Harrison, Sydney and I had plans to go to the Can Do Playground in Wilmington. I prepped Syd the night before. We were all set. The next day we were in the car driving to the park. We pulled into the parking lot and the beautiful sky that was visible turned gray. I didn’t think anything of it. I thought we could play for a bit.

As we walked toward the park. I felt a sprinkle of rain. Instantly, the sprinkle turned into a downpour. The look on Sydney’s face said it all. It was a mix of disappointment and frustration.

The difference on this day was that she could tell me why she was upset. And she didn’t scream it at me. I yelled, “Plot Twist”. That’s our code for plans have changed. Everyone remain calm. Now on to plan B which I never have lately.

Sydney didn’t get upset going back to the car. She did use echolalia as a calming strategy. She probably said Plot Twist at least 50 times before she calmed herself down. I’ll take that.

Plot Twist has been a God’s send for us. Now when things don’t go our way. Plot Twist is our go to phrase. Then we all freeze and pray and make a run for it.


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