I Talk About Things That I Know


Yesterday I received a message from a reader. He wanted me to blog on a certain topic. When I told him I really wasn’t familiar with that topic. He went on to explain a scenario to me and then wanted my feedback. Still I reminded him that I didn’t have the background knowledge and didn’t feel comfortable blogging about something that I really didn’t know about.

I asked him he wanted to be a guest blogger and I would share his story. Then my readers could leave comments for him. He is not quite sure he wants to do that. But in time maybe he will change his mind.

My comfort level is blogging about things that I know. God, being a mom, autism, divorce, infertility, teaching, being a woman, being black, forgiveness, the struggle, starting over, depression and the list goes on.


I talk about things that I know. I talk about things that I am passionate about. So when people come to me and ask me for advice. I hate to turn them away. But if it is out of my comfort zone. I refer them to someone else that can help them.

Are you sharing your knowledge and opinions based on an actual experience? Or do you just like to talk? There is a difference. Some of us are talking and are not saying anything. Make sure whatever you are sharing has a purpose and you can stand by your words.

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