What Kind of Author Am I?

A few weeks ago I spoke with a publisher and she told me in a very nice way that I wasn’t Nicholas Sparks or a best selling author. I thought to myself I know, I’m Brooke Copher and I’m in a category all of my own. I’m not sure if I consider myself only a … More What Kind of Author Am I?

If I Write It…

If I write it, they will read it. At least that is what has happened in the past year. I never got blogger’s burnout. I never had writer’s block yet. Maybe because Copher’s Community has so much excitement going on each day of the week. Well, the time has to come for us to say … More If I Write It…

My Muse

I never thought that someone would say that I was a creative artist. My writing is an art. I am an artist. Each blog is a masterpiece that I created. Some blogs more loved than others. I thought about my muse. What is the driving force behind my writing? Without God none of this would … More My Muse

Selfie 101

If Oxford Dictionary selected “selfie” for word of the year in 2013.  Than selfies must be important.  I know some people think that those that take a lot of selfies are narcissists.  Harrison cringes when I ask him to take a picture let alone a selfie.  Am I conceited because I take selfies?  What is … More Selfie 101