Don’t Look Like A Tourist


Let me give you a few tips Harrison before we get off of the bus. We are from the city so you will be fine in New York. Keep your backpack zipped. Stay close to me. Don’t walk with your head down. Be aware of your surroundings. You might see just about anything. You will see homeless people. Say no thanks, when someone tries to sell you something or give you a flyer for the bus tour. Try not to look like a tourist. Don’t look up at the buildings.

Harrison and I had an opportunity to travel to New York City on Saturday. We joined the Down Syndrome Association of Delaware to show our support at the Buddy Walk. Harrison was very excited to support his friend Grace. I was excited to share this experience with Harrison. We also did our homework on mapping out a plan to bring Sydney to NYC for a day trip.

This will be a two-part blog. There is so much that I want to share with you. Let’s get started.

As soon as we stepped off of the bus. I was happy. I love the city. Harrison was ready to take on The Big Apple. Our first stop was Times Square. We would watch a video that celebrated children with Down Syndrome. Our friend Grace would appear on the screen.  We were anxious to see her picture.

While we waited. Harrison was asking a million questions. A lady asked me which line she needed to stand in to purchase broadway tickets. I told her where the line for plays was. And that she needed to go on the other side to purchase musical tickets. And be sure to check the kiosk for the sale prices of tickets.

Harrison was shocked that I could help her. But he listened. Every person that had questions about ticket sales. He was happy to help them. His Michigan shirt got him a lot of attention too. I told him to blend in, like we live here. 😉

Our next stop was Central Park. Tomorrow’s blog will focus more on The Buddy Walk. I want to share why Central Park was so special for me. Harrison and I didn’t do the actual Buddy Walk. So we had time to hang out in Central Park. The DJ for the event was amazing. I did Yoga for the first time in Central Park. It wasn’t pretty but I did it.

Next I had a chance to write in Central Park. It was a dream come true for me. I was able to work on the next chapter of my book. And I even had a few a-ha moments to help me revise sections of the book.

It might have been the trees, the light breeze, the sounds of the park that relaxed me. I enjoyed being in my element and explore my passion for writing. My Central Park experience was great.

Before leaving the city. I met a woman who follows my blog. Joan and I are autism mothers. We had never met before. She knew I was coming to the city and she brought her two beautiful children to Manhattan for me to meet.


We almost missed each other. But it’s was all God that we met in The M&M store. That was a powerful moment. One that I have been replaying over in my head today. It was my confirmation. That I am on the right track and moving in the direction that God is guiding me.

See you tomorrow for Part 2 of our New York adventures.

One of my favorite pictures that I took from the city.

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