Have I Taught You Anything?

I wonder if me sharing our autism journey made a difference. Is someone now aware of the signs of autism? Does someone understand the need for sensory friendly events? Will someone smile at a parent trying to comfort their child during a meltdown? Will you embrace the child with a disability that is in your … More Have I Taught You Anything?

Own Your Story

If I’ve learned anything watching others over the past week it is that we all have a story, but we have to own it. Some may appear to be on top of the world, yet they struggle to make it through the day. Those with the most struggles are often the ones with the biggest … More Own Your Story

Isn’t She Lovely?

It was August 27, 2004 at 12:11 pm. The c-section was over and there you were. I thanked God for you the moment that I saw you. Your lungs were great and your eyes were wide open. Sydney Gabrielle Copher. You would complete our family. I can’t wait until your big brother, Harrison meets you. … More Isn’t She Lovely?

National Women’s Day

Fierce, Loyal, Smart, Classy, Brave, Prayer Warrior, Fearless, Loving, God’s Child, Caring, Nurturing, Creative, CEO, Sexy, Beautiful……. When I think about the women in my life. These are just some of the character traits that I would use to describe them. I love seeing women empowering other women. So many brave women paved the way … More National Women’s Day

Identity Theft

When they see me coming. Do they see me or autism? Do they see Harrison and Sydney’s mom? Do they see a divorced mom? Yes, I think I wear my titles well. But what do they really see when they look at me? What is my true identity? There was a time when I lost … More Identity Theft