Oh No! Not The Orange Nurse Bag


After such an amazing weekend. I was ready to take on the week and whatever came my way. My Detroit Lions won on Monday Night Football. Sydney was wearing leggings. Harrison made chicken nuggets and garlic knots for dinner. Life is good.

Tuesday was picture day at my school. The tradition is taking the staff picture. The entire staff is hardly ever in the same room at the same time. So it was nice to see everyone.

Before the picture I was shining like glitter. Which basically means I was hot and sweating. I decided to take off my layers of clothes. Hopefully I could hide in the back for the picture.

After the photographer took several pictures. It was time for us to get to work. I felt strange. My shining glitter turned into a marathon sweat. I felt light-headed like I was going pass out.

I made it to a chair and my work family sprang into action. It wasn’t a panic attack, because nothing triggered what was happening to me.

I was doing the best I could to take deep breaths and calm down. My principals, teaching partner and friends surrounded me to make sure I was okay. When they called for the nurse. I think that is when I may have gone into panic mode.

The next part I can laugh about now. My mommy always told me make sure you wear underwear without holes. Just in case you get in a car accident and have to go to the hospital, you don’t want to be embarrassed. Please Jesus don’t let me have to go to the hospital and have a hole in my underwear or I will never hear the end of this from Mommy.

In the end. I rested awhile in the nurse’s office. My blood pressure was back to normal. They told me later that I looked grey! That must have not been a pretty sight.

I’m thankful for the friends that stepped in to help me that day. And for the ones that checked on me throughout the day. I felt better as the day went on and had a great open house with the parents from our class that evening.

I learned two things that day. When you are at your worse people will step in and help you. Secondly, when they call for the orange nurse’s bag, you might need more than a band-aid.


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