When You’ve Been Rejected


Rejection; the action of rejecting: the state of being rejected as according to Webster.

I received a rejection letter yesterday in the mail from Dove. My first response was I don’t like Dove products anyway.  Don’t you like my coping skills?  Then I realized that rejection is a part of the process.

Rejection shouldn’t sting so much for me. After my divorce,  I felt rejected by Rob and my friends. It took me a long time to be able to walk into a room with confidence and my head held high.

There were many things that I did not try because I was afraid of being rejected. How do you handle rejection? Do you see it as a blessing? Does it force you to face the road ahead of you? Does it allow you time to reflect and start over?

I had to learn to trust that when I was rejected or told no. That something or someone better was waiting for me. Will my rejection letter from Dove stop me from writing? No, it will make me work harder to improve my craft.

If you find yourself feeling rejected. Don’t let that control your mind. Change your mindset and start over.

4 thoughts on “When You’ve Been Rejected

  1. True. Many times I have been met with that rejection and then l have this feeling of being stuck…. I get upset, but then I react on that rejection. I do not stay in the negative zone of rejection. I take it as a stepping stone to think wiser and press on forward.

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