October 8, 2002


It only took six pregnancy tests for me to accept that I was really pregnant. Me pregnant? The doctors told me that this would never happen. But God had a different plan.

As I stare out of the window on the way to Beaumont Hospital. I can’t comprehend that I am 32 weeks pregnant. I’ve just been told that I will be on bed rest in the hospital until December 1st.

I’m not nervous about the scheduled c-section. I just think I may lose my mind being confined here in the hospital. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to my 4th grade class.

Brandi, Rob’s sister is here with me. As we wait for Rob to get here from Chrysler. I just called mommy to give her the update. She told me not to worry. I have preeclampsia. My feet and ankles are so swollen. My blood pressure is so high and I am being pumped with drugs through the IV.

Everyone is whispering. This can’t be good news. Now my doctor is telling me you will be delivered today. I am at stroke level. All I can think about is that your lungs aren’t even fully developed yet. Mommy isn’t here. The plan was for her to spend a month with me in Michigan when you were born. I am surrounded by Rob and his family. While they insert my catheter. This is awkward on so many levels.

The child that I prayed to God for is being born today. I am trying to hide my fears. But the tears are flowing down my face. Not from the spinal block, but from the unknown.

Within the next hour you were born. When I saw you. You looked like a little fragile bird. Not only were you 2 lbs. 14oz. You didn’t cry much before they took you to the NICU. For the next two months you would stay in the NICU. I would visit you every day.
Harrison Noah Copher you made a grand entrance in this world. And you haven’t slowed down since. I thank God that He made me your mommy. You are an incredible young man with many talents. You make a difference each day in the lives of all of the people that you meet.

We love you! Happy 15th Birthday Harry!

He has always been a Michigan fan.  Wearing his maize and blue.


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