Thank You


Sydney woke up this morning and thought she missed the bus. I told her she didn’t have school today in honor of Veteran’s Day. Any other time she would have had a meltdown that she was missing school. Or skipped off to do her own thing. This time was different.

Sydney asked “What’s a veteran?”. As I held back tears for this proud moment. I went into teacher mode. We talked about veterans. She stood and said the pledge. We wrote down facts about Veteran’s Day. She was a little too excited because she thought the free meals applied to her today.

After we researched and talked about veterans. I told her about the veterans in our family. Her next statement was “Let’s thank a veteran.” So I have a feeling she will be stalking people today when we go out asking if they are veterans.

Seriously, we should say thank you to the brave men and women that sacrifice for our freedom. They have accepted a call that many of us couldn’t answer, including myself. To the military families I pray for your strength.

We must continue to pray for our country daily. Sydney has challenged us to thank a veteran today. Will you accept the challenge? I did.

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