Family Or The Early Bird Sale?


I would buy three newspapers, new highlighters and post it notes. I was ready to search the Black Friday ads. It was a tradition my girlfriends Petra, Hatty and I did every year in Michigan. If sissy was in town. We would drag her shopping too.

It was my only day away from the kids. One day a year and I would be surrounded by crowds of people fighting over video games and televisions. We never went out on Thanksgiving Day. We would meet at 4:00 am and shop the entire day.

We had a plan, a map and a strategy. Most of all we had fun girl time. Since I’ve moved to Delaware. I can’t do Black Friday anymore. Maybe I miss my girls and our traditions. Maybe I just don’t have the energy. It was fun while it lasted.

I don’t agree with shopping on Thanksgiving. Now if you forgot cranberry sauce or the Hawaiian rolls. It is okay to make a quick grocery store run. But leaving the family to go shopping at 6:00pm. Is it really worth it?

Don’t get me wrong the deals are enticing. But I am getting older and so are the people who I love. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Usually I would host Thanksgiving dinner in Michigan. So I do miss that part. But I love being surrounded by family.  For our family, attending Thanksgiving dinner was not always an option.

What about shopping online while the turkey is cooking? I think that is fine. I do feel bad for those that have to work on the holidays. Law enforcement, retail workers, doctors and nurses. They all make a sacrifice.

I am not judging if you are out shopping on Thanksgiving. Just be careful. No gift or parking spot is worth fighting over.  But if you see a deal on a 50 inch tv, text me!

Will you shop on Thanksgiving Day?


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