Jesus Just Saved Your Life

The older I get. The more I think I am turning into Madea, without the violence.

Last Friday, I experienced thirty seconds of darkness. All I could think of was the grace of God. And how it saved me. If you aren’t familiar with Madea and Tyler Perry movies. You might not understand today’s blog.

Some people will push you to point where you just have to say. “Thank God I know Jesus.” If I didn’t I would have probably snapped. When most people get upset they get loud, obnoxious or their voice may crack.

Not me, I get very quiet. I smile and my body sways back and forth like I am singing in the choir at church. My voice is very calm and soothing. Classy not trashy.

Now back to Friday. I was confronted by two people before 7:00 am. Their words were hurtful, and discriminating about Sydney. I calmly spoke with them. My tone was not threatening in any way. It was a gentle reminder that the scripture says “touch not thy anointed.” It was a reminder that just because you always see me alone with my children. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have a village supporting us. Who will drop everything when I call. And that is exactly what they did on Friday.

As I walked away I was thinking to myself Jesus just saved your life. Then I went inside my home. Called mommy and cried. She prayed with me. As much as I wanted to curl up in a fetal position. I had to go to work.

Kindness along with common sense are things that I pray people would have. But at 45 years old. I still find it sad that people can be so cruel.

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