All I Want For Christmas


I am very excited to host our 3rd Annual Family Christmas party next weekend. It makes me a little homesick and reminds me of Michigan. We hosted every holiday at our home. It just made it easier for Sydney to be included.

As I prepare and clean up the house. Instantly, I started thinking that there’s not enough room in the dining room. The kitchen is so small. And the basement isn’t finished. And who wants to watch our 42 inch tv.


Then I stopped and remembered that this is family. It doesn’t matter what I have or don’t have. All that matters is that we will be together. People will come in shifts to the party. So it really is like an open house.  I will have enough aluminum foil and that is a necessity for our family parties.

We won’t have to leave the party because it is at our house. Sydney will be relaxed and can go to bed when she is ready. Harrison and Sydney love family. So when they heard that we were hosting the party. They were eager to help.

Harrison is getting the basement ready. Since he is the babysitter whisperer for the kids. The basement actually has like a loft feel to it. Since we started cleaning it up. Who cares if it is not finished.

It will be a blessing to be surrounded by family. It is hard to believe that this will be our 5th Christmas in Delaware. Each time we gather as a family is special. We laugh, dance, eat, play games and take trips down memory lane.


I may not have the best of everything. But we have a lot of love to share with anyone that visits our home. I have already received my Christmas gifts this year. Daddy bought me a stainless steel wine-cup and an electric wine opener. He knows the struggle is real.

The true gifts are God’s grace and mercy. Harrison earning 3 A’s and a B on his report card. He continues to make me proud. Sydney continues to try her best at school and in social settings. And I have the love of my family and friends. That’s all I really ever wanted for Christmas.

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