Monday Morning


It would usually happen around 2:00 pm every Sunday. Just like clock work. It was that feeling that my weekend was coming to an end. I felt sad, depressed and dreaded everything that I needed to do. In order to have us all prepared for Monday. Not for the entire week. My goal was just to survive Monday.

In the past I would have been sleep deprived and miserable. After a few panic attacks. I found myself on the couch with Syd unable to move. It was hard for me to find the positive in our situation. Having a Friday off is great. But when you have a Monday off. It’s like a miracle from heaven.

I dreaded Monday because the laundry wasn’t finished, the bills weren’t paid yet and I had to transform into Superwoman. Then, I realized that not everyone makes it to Monday. So I needed to change my thinking quickly and praise God when my feet hit the floor on a Monday morning.

Now I approach Monday differently. It is a time for me to set a new goal for the week. I try to think of one way to make time for myself. It is time to see how life will surprise me today. Do you suffer from the Monday blues? Don’t be like me. I was letting it control and ruin my Sunday as well.  Not anymore.  Monday motivates me and gives me a purpose for the week.

Happy Monday ❤️


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