Autism Christmas Gifts


I am often asked what are some great gift ideas for children with autism. So, I decided to share a couple of gift ideas that children and adults with autism would love anytime of the year.


Weighted Blanket – These blankets provide sensory comfort and help to relieve stress. The weighted blanket and pressure is very calming. There are tutorials on how to make them. But you can shop around to find one that is between $50-$100.


Calming Bottles/Timers- These are great items to make. But if you are like me. I can’t deal with all of that mess. These bottles are great to use before a meltdown occurs. They are also helpful when a child needs to take a break. Some of the bottles take 3 or 5 minutes to settle. This is very relaxing for both the parent and the child. I purchased my own calm down bottle.


Calming Light – I have heard great reviews about this product. It may be hard to find now. This is great to help a child at bedtime. There are different colors to choose from. And I believe they also play music. Again a very calming item for someone with autism.


Fiber Optic Light – Believe it or not these lights provide dazzling effects with calming and relaxing benefits. They are often used in sensory therapy rooms. A lot of these items will benefit others with ADHD as well.


Mermaid Pillows- This is a great sensory item to help a child during transitions and quiet time. The tactile sensation will provide a quick sensory break when feeling overwhelmed.


Yogibo Max – We love this store and their products. I think they are expensive. So when people ask me what to get Sydney. I tell them about the sensory bed/chair. Family can give a gift card to help with the purchase. I think we all need one.

Hobbies/Interests/Board Games- If the individual has certain interests talk with the family about which items they would like for their child. Age requirements are thrown out of the window when it comes to buying toys for children with autism.

Babysitting Service – If you offer a parent with autism one hour of free time. They will feel like they have won the lottery. If you don’t feel comfortable having the parent leave the house. Then visit their home and give the parent one hour of “me time”.

These are just some suggestions of things that I have learned from watching Sydney grow. I remember buying her so many toys when she was younger. It took her years to play with them appropriately. The day she wanted to play puppets with me so was exciting. It allowed us to practice conversational speech.  I hope this helps you find a gift for someone you love.

Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping!


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