Just Open A Christmas Present


I was suffering from a man cold this week. I think I deserve to call it a man cold. Since I am the mama and the daddy. It is bad enough when your kids are sick. You have to make arrangements to take off from work.  But when you are sick too.  The stress goes to a higher level.

Am I the only parent that debates whether to send their child to school? Sydney didn’t have a fever. She had a runny nose. Maybe she needed a day of rest. Well, so do I. If I send her to school and they call me to pick her up. I panic. If I keep her home and try to make a doctor’s appointment and don’t get one then I have wasted a sick day.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Sydney and I were sick at the same time. We both had sinus infections. I was battling with my symptoms for over two weeks. Sydney and I were like two divas. Beyonce’ and Diana Ross. I bet you know who Sydney was.

Harrison was a big help. We would ring our jingle bells and he would come to our aid. Turn the heat up Harrison. Turn on the fan Harrison. Turn the heat down Harrison. Bring us juice Harrison. Finally, he said he was going to Grandma Lola’s house.

I was grumpy, tired, and I couldn’t move. My chest was hurting and I was out of breath. I couldn’t stop coughing. Syd and I drowned our sorrows in boxes of Kleenex and Egyptian documentaries.

Thank God for mommy and Kayla for watching Sydney. So I could return to work.  I felt bad that Syd missed her chorus concert and special olympics basketball tournament. But her body truly needed to rest. Me on the other hand felt miserable. Just like I was hit by a truck. But, I couldn’t leave my teaching partner during the last week before winter break!  I seemed to have felt worse after the first dose of antibiotics. I’m never cold. So for me to be wrapped in layers of clothes. I knew it was bad.

Last night we were all laying on the sofas. The kids asked me what was for dinner. I told them I just can’t. Just go open a Christmas present. They looked at me like I was off my rocker. But they each opened a present. And magically they were able to figure out something to eat for dinner.

Was it my proudest parenting moment? No, not at all. But I had a man cold. Now one more day of work. Then we can rest up and enjoy our winter break.

Merry Christmas,


6 thoughts on “Just Open A Christmas Present

  1. Brook, hang tough and I hope you and Syd are feeling better soon. Being a single parent is so hard, but your rewards will be double. It is not easy when you are a single parent: both roles are tough. However, nothing bothered me more when my daughter was in grade school than being labeled by my employer as a single parent, because I was overlooked for career opportunities. Please know that this too shall pass… If you live near family that can help you with your children then you are blessed. Enjoy your babies and the Christmas Holiday; and, make a pot of Chicken Noodle Soup and open a present. Much love for you and I am cheering for you. Feel better and Merry Christmas! The good Lord is going to bless your socks off in 2018.

    I always enjoy reading your articles. Keep up the great, great work!

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing this with me. I’m looking forward to enjoying my family and finding time for myself. I’m claiming that 2018 will bring clarity. Have w wonderful and blessed holiday. Thanks


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