Aluminum Foil and Ziploc Bags


It might be the fact that I am turning 46 in February. Or it might be the fact that as I get older. I realize that little things make me smile.

Our family does a gift exchange every year for Christmas. After the gift exchange mommy gave Harrison and Sydney two gifts to give me. The first one was heavy and Harrison was carrying it very carefully. I thought it was a vintage bottle of wine.


When I opened the gift. It was aluminum foil. Not Reynolds, the heavy-duty kind from Costco or Sam’s Club. I was so excited. Thank You Lord. We need aluminum foil.

Then Sydney gave me a gift to open. Black Jesus!!!!! It was assorted ziploc bags. Won’t HE do it!

Now you may think I am crazy. No, I didn’t have too many mimosas. I was truly thankful. I gave mommy and daddy a hug. I think I taught my children a valuable lesson. That a gift given with love doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

I think I know the real reason that they gave me those gifts. Whenever we visit we are always taking something home with us. They probably expect me to bring my own ziploc bags from now on.

The best gifts were seeing my kids happy and content. The time spent with my family and having a slumber party at my parents house last night. We will continue the tradition of family movie day today.  Harrison gets to pick the movie.

So, make memories, forgive others, and appreciate the little things. End 2017 doing things that you love.

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