Thanks 2017


2017 was a magnificent year. Our family made huge milestones. Harrison’s 50 State Autism Challenge, starting high school like a champ and growing up into a humble young man.  Are just a few of his proud moments.  Sydney has been successful in 8th grade inclusion classes. She has a great new para, and teachers that accept her. She’s growing up before my eyes.

Our family went home to Michigan for a week. It was a trip that left us with many great memories. We ventured out more as a family this year. We were blessed to attend sporting events like a normal family. My children had a chance to spend time with their father. The healing process has started for them.

As for me. This year I lost some friends that became angels.  I lost some friends that are still here on earth. I am thankful for my family and the bond that we have. Our family was blessed with new bundles of joy, that will continue the legacy of our family.

I am blessed to have the support of many with A Woman’s Work. Your comments and encouragement have been amazing. At work I was blessed with a new work partner in a new grade. Thank you Elisabeth for being there for me.

My friends have been such a blessing and an amazing support system.  I would have been lost without all of you this year.

2017 has caused me to do a lot of soul-searching and adjust my vision board. I am finally accepting the calling that God has placed on my life. My autism advocacy work has been very rewarding. Not for my own glory, but for the message of hope that I have shared with others.

Being able to share my testimony through my blog and my current book have been a blessing. No new year resolutions for me. Instead I am going into 2018 knowing that God is in control. I am loving myself so that others can love me. I have a new walk, and point of view. I believe in the impossible. Great things await us all in 2018, if we have the faith to believe.

Congratulations to all of the couples that were recently engaged and others that shared pregnancy announcements.  Don’t rush time by.  But cherish every moment.

To all of my family and friends, that includes my blog followers, because you are friends as well. I wish you peace, love, and a successful 2018. Don’t allow anyone to write your story. You are the author to create your own story. Make sure it is what you desire.



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