Leader of The Pack


I can only imagine what it felt like for Daniel  to be thrown in the lion’s den. Or for the three Jews that were thrown in the fiery furnace for not worshipping idols in The Bible. Their lives were all spared and saved in the end. But the thoughts going through their minds must have caused them great distress.

The feeling of being in a hopeless situation. Crying out for help and no one coming  to your aid, can be the loneliest feeling to experience.

Finally, I have realized that sometimes you have to be pushed to your breaking point. When you have exhausted all of your options and all you can do is cry or pray.  You must hold on.

We all will have situations where we are thrown to the wolves. It might be because of our own actions. Or others may throw us to the wolves for their own benefit.

It doesn’t matter how you arrived at your current situation. What matters is how you will rise up. I was thrown to the wolves. Placed in a situation that was depressing, painful and unfair. I cried out for help.  When help didn’t come. I realized I was calling on the wrong people to save me.

I had the power to save myself all along. I had the power to put my faith into practice. I came back leading the pack, with the wolves behind me following my lead. You never know when God will place you in a situation, that will turn you into a leader.

Don’t deny your calling. Believe in yourself and speak from your heart.

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