Single Mom or Divorced Mom


Lately I have been trying to figure out what label works best for me. Then I realized labels aren’t really necessary. When I say that I am a single mother. People will often say do your children see their fathers. I am thinking why is she making it plural? I only have one baby daddy.

When I say I am a single mother. People assume that I have never been married. Which I admit was confusing to me. If I say that I am divorced people think I sound bitter.

Being single has made me love myself more than I ever had in my life. Embracing being single has made me brave and confident. There were so many areas that I needed to work on in my life.  But, I was in denial about them for so long.

In the past I admit I have been looking for love. In 2018, I am happy to let love find me. I was asked out on a date recently. And it all sounded great until he said. “How’s Thursday at 6:00 sound? Immediately, I told him that I should be able to make that work.

In my mind I am thinking to myself. I am out of my bra before the door closes behind me when I get home.  I am not leaving the house to meet you at 6:00. So I started thinking that maybe I should  only date during my summer vacation.  It makes sense because I have more time to do things during the week.

If I go on a date during the week during the school year. I know I will fall asleep on the date, especially if it is to a movie. Great first impression right?

One of my favorite blogging spots. I just came from the salon. So somebody needs to see my hair.

I am not going to use single as a label for myself. I could use beautiful, brave, confident, or motivational.  You get my point. Maybe I will end up like the family from Eight is Enough or The Brady Brunch.  I have always wanted a huge family.

I know that God has something special for me to do here on Earth. Either I will do that standing alone or with a man of God by my side. Until then I love my life and the people who I am meeting.


Brave Brooke


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