Daddy Told Me Not To Quit


I see why the Nike slogan “Just do it” was so popular. It’s simple and makes complete sense. If you want something done, then do it.

Daddy always taught me never to quit. He taught me that if I wanted something done. It wouldn’t be handed to be me. I would have to work for it.

My life has proven that everything I have, I worked hard for it. Long hours, pain, and tears, but I refused to quit. I knew I had a job to accomplish. Once that was done, I would not stop. I would search for something else to conquer.

Recently I went to my daddy for advice. If you know my daddy. He is a quiet yet, strong man. He listened. I think I knew exactly what he was going to say. But I needed to talk it through out loud for him to hear.

There have been many struggles, hurdles and mountains that I have conquered. I always thought that one of those situations would be the one to break me.

Daddy always told me to “do it” and get the job done. These words that he spoke to me when I was a teenager. Mean more to me today in the situations that I face.

I won’t quit. But I will do what is best for my children and I. You may be in a situation where you are wondering which way to turn. You might have to talk it out to a friend or write it down. Just make sure you don’t quit.

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