It’s A Beyonce’


I am not sure if Sydney would recognize a picture of Beyoncé is she saw her. But if she hears All The Single Ladies or I’m Coming Out. She’ll tell you “It’s a Beyonce”.

When I showed her the video of I’m Coming Out. I explained to her that was Diana Ross singing. After singing and dancing. She still told me It’s a Beyoncé.

All The Singles Ladies was the first song Sydney would sing. I know I get the parenting award for that. But she would change the lyrics and sing put a ring on it, put a necklace on it, put earrings on it. She would list all of the jewelry she could think of.

This was huge at the time because Sydney wasn’t talking. I wasn’t sure if Sydney could categorize items and make connections. So hearing her sing All The Single Ladies made us all laugh and smile at this milestone.

What I couldn’t understand for years was what she meant when she said “It’s a Beyoncé.

I started collecting data. That’s what autism moms do. We collect data on anything. I noticed she would say “It’s a Beyoncé” when she had on a pretty dress or went to the salon. Whenever she saw someone with pretty jewelry on or pictures of a wedding. It’s a Beyoncé.

It was the day of our family photos, when it all came together. I walked downstairs dressed for the photo shoot and she looked me up and down and said “That’s a Beyoncé.” So, I think that is her way of giving a compliment. Beyonce to her is not the singer. It’s a style.


Autism is so beautiful to me. The way her mind thinks and what she sees when she looks at things makes me so curious. So, the next time you are all dressed and take one last look in the mirror. Can you say? “Now, that’s a Beyoncé.”


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