I’m Stuck, Now What


I saw all of the signs. I knew in advance it would turn out this way. But I ignored the signs. I thought that I could do things on my own to fix my situation.

Now, I am stuck, stranded on this island all by myself. I don’t belong here. I wasn’t suppose to end up here. This is not how my fairy tale ends.

I feel like a tourist in a foreign country. I am speaking but no one understands what I am saying. I am asking for help, well not really. But they should be able to look at me and know I need help.

I feel like I am trapped in a box. My greatest fear is being claustrophobic. I feel a panic attack coming on. The walls are all closing in on me and the people who I thought loved me have all turned on me.

Life is constantly changing. One day you are on top of the world and the next day. Your life changes completely. Why me? I have only said it a thousand times. Why me?

Does this blog apply to a situation that you have experienced? Maybe you are feeling stuck right now. Is it a relationship, a job, or your faith. You may have decisions to make. But you feel hopeless and confused.

There were times that I felt this way. And it was the loneliest and most painful times of my life. My mind kept telling me that I was stuck. I almost let myself believe that.

Trust me when I tell you. You are not stuck. You are not alone. You can change that painful situation. You can turn it around to work in your favor. This situation will give you the strength you need to face any future challenges head on.

You are not stuck. You are not trapped in a box. Instead, start making changes. Don’t wait until tomorrow. The time is now. After it is all done. You will look back at your situation and marvel at how graceful and victorious you were.

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