Build The Walls


There comes a time when you need to build a wall. I don’t know about you. But I don’t have the materials or the manpower to make that happen.

Have you ever been in a situation in your life, where you felt like you are wandering in the wilderness? Your judgement is off and your stress level is high. Well, that is the time when you need to build a wall.

Now building a wall doesn’t mean you don’t like people. It just means that at this moment in time. You need to walk on solid ground. And you need to know that you are protected on the left and on the right.
Think about the Israelites for a moment. They were at the end of their rope. When they least expected it. God parted The Red Sea and they walked on dry land to the other side of the sea.

Reflect on that for a moment and how you need that to happen in your life. For me, I see God building up the walls. Then I will be able to do my runway walk with pride to the place where HE is leading me. I don’t need any distractions in my way. I don’t need anyone coming up behind me. I need to look straight ahead and stay focused.

Now when I arrive at the place where God is preparing for me. It will be a natural reaction for me to look behind me at the place that I just left. But that is when God will step in again. People won’t be able to walk on that solid ground behind me. That’s when God will break down the walls and they will be left behind on the other side.

Confront your situation differently today. You may not think you are suppose to buy that house, take that job or go back to school. You will know that you are making the right decision because you will be able to walk straight ahead without rough winds and waters. You will have peace in your soul. I don’t care what is chasing you today. Demons, your past, friends, or your personal situations. Get ready for the walls to go up in your favor.

I wouldn’t share this with you if I didn’t believe it for myself. I wouldn’t share this with you if I hadn’t experienced it firsthand.

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