You may have noticed my latest hashtag, #belikesyd. I can’t take the credit for creating that. My good friend Katie came over this past weekend. When she was leaving Syd came down to say hi to Auntie Katie. If you haven’t figured it out yet. If you are a friend of mine. My children will call you “Auntie”. Because they know how special you are to me.

Katie made an observation and she said, “Man, we should all be like Syd.” That’s how #belikesyd was born. Syd was singing and dancing and wearing her Egyptian princess costume. She was aware of the world around her. Syd was enjoying being Syd. I love watching Sydney as she is growing up. It is because she does whatever the hell makes her happy!!!! In a positive way of course.

She loves what she loves, ribeye steaks, school, singing, and being dramatic. She has been modeling appropriate social behavior by being in inclusion settings at school.

Syd the kid, is one of a kind. God knew exactly what he was doing when he created her. Sydney will make you laugh and her smile is contagious. She’s smarter than me and has more courage than I do.

She will sing in her opera voice, say “Yoohoo” and have people hold the door for her like royalty. Autism is just one thing people may notice about Sydney. First, they notice her smile, style,and her love for her family. Don’t get it twisted. She will beat your ass if she needs to fight!!!!! Just keeping it real. Now, Sydney has a voice and she is letting her voice be known to the world.

We all have autism. Yes, you heard me correctly.  We are all on the spectrum.  I look at Harrison and I notice some sensory and social quirks and his obvious ADHD.  He’s doing just fine.  When I listen to Harrison speak. He is so articulate and powerful. When I see his concern for others and his family. It makes me cry.

I look at myself and think about my anxiety and my sensory needs. We are all on the spectrum.  There are more people living with autism than we know. Autism isn’t a dirty word or a death sentence. Autism is a broad spectrum. I like to think of autism as a spectrum of hope, opportunity, dreams, friendships, success and a happy life.

I hope that my children are learning something from me. But lately Harrison and Sydney are teaching me some very valuable lessons. I could make a #belikeharrison  hashtag also. That young man will stand up for injustice in the most eloquent way. That it gives me chills.

Thanks for listening to another episode from Copher’s Community.

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