Good Morning Mr. Officer

4DB75CC4-24E7-44CD-BF9F-AAFD17F2CA54It doesn’t seem like almost five years. Each day I drive to work I still chuckle when I pass the horses and the cows. This is such a different commute then I am use to. Driving down Woodward, Lahser or Telegraph didn’t offer this much amusement.

Oh, look at that police officer with his lights on. Let me pull over and get out of his way. Oh, he’s pulling me over. I will blame it on the cows. That sounds like a good excuse.

Tell me I am not the only one that responds “Oh, shit!” when pulled over by the police. Well, God forgive me but that is exactly what I said. This was my first time being pulled over in Delaware. The last time I was pulled over was nine years ago in Michigan.

For a moment I wished that Harrison and Sydney were in the car with me. I wanted to be a good role model on how to interact with law enforcement. But they would just have to hear about it later.

As soon as I pulled over. I took a deep breath. I wasn’t scared. I put the windows down on my side and the passenger’s side. I turned off my ignition and put my keys on the dashboard. My hands were at ten and two holding the steering wheel.

It seemed like forever for him to exit his vehicle. He was approaching on the passenger’s side. I admit when he walked up to the car. I was puzzled.  I could see something black in his hands out of the corner of my eyes. I remained calm.

He approached flashing a smile. He was carrying the radar gun. I said good morning. He showed me the radar gun and I just smiled. He told me my registration was good. He had already checked for that. He asked for my license. I was thinking about bringing up the cows now.  Maybe I should wait.

He glanced at my Holy Water on the front seat and my rosary dangling from inside of the car. I asked him to get my bag from the back seat for me. He gave me permission to reach in the bag to get my wallet. Maybe I should mention the cows now.

He took my license and went back to his patrol car. As I sat in the car and waited patiently. Mommy was calling me on the phone to say good morning. I let it go to voice mail.

When the officer returned he asked me a few questions and gave me the instructions to pay my ticket. I took that opportunity to ask him a few questions. He noticed the autism shoulder strap in the backseat. I asked if he was trained and knew the signs of someone with autism.

I let him know that if they ever needed some autism training to give me a call. I told him I was blogger and I asked him for a picture. He looked at me and said,”Mamm, I have to go to work.” I jokingly replied, “Hey, you are the one that stopped me!” He laughed and told me to have a nice day.

Was I scared? No. Was I speeding? Yes, 5 miles over the speed limit? But it was the cow’s fault, not mine.

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