Are You Concerned Or Waiting?


“So, Brooke how are you doing?” Do I really want to answer her question. It sounds so fake. She can’t be sincere with that fake smile on her face. Can she?  Doesn’t she know by now I can spot fake?  Why is she asking me a second time the same question? When I answer her she keeps saying “Are you sure?” So finally I just asked her how do you want me to reply. I wasn’t loud or confrontational. I just didn’t know what she really wanted to know.


They said this would happen when you blog. Did she just ask me if Sydney really does the things that I blog about? Does she think I have extra time to make up drama? I am going to pretend that I didn’t hear her. Because honestly, Bye Felecia! I can’t today.

Is it me or do you find that sometimes people ask you things not because they are concerned about you. But they ask you things because they are waiting. Waiting for you to break. Waiting for you to cry. Waiting for you to yell and explode. Waiting for you to have a breakdown. I think that you get my point.

Oh, she must have  read the blogs from year one. Oh, she doesn’t know how I am still standing. Oh, she doesn’t know why I am not a character on Orange is The New Black. Here she comes again. It’s another question. This time she wants to know about my baby daddy. I think I might have to just sprinkle her with some Holy Water and keep walking.


What I have learned in life and as I approach my 46th birthday is that you have to be careful. I made the mistake of thinking someone was concerned about me. When they were really waiting for me to fall flat on my face. When I think why me? What do I possibly have that they want? I admit I cried.

After the tears I realized that I do have something they want. It’s not my full figure. It’s my peace of mind. It’s my confidence. It’s my courage. It’s my faith. Well why didn’t she just ask me how I acquired those traits. I’ll tell her the details of the hell I had to go through.  That molded me into the warrior that I am today.

Now when I see this person she doesn’t ask me how am I doing. She says I see you are still standing.  Is she concerned or still waiting?


4 thoughts on “Are You Concerned Or Waiting?

  1. Oh. Boy. I need to walk around with a 48oz bottle of Holy Water. Lol. Because there are people who ask me the same 2 part question every time they see me. They never offer any help. Always noses…. maybe using that Holy Water will keep those people away. 🤔


  2. Brooke you are so inspiring. I find myself thinking the things that you are saying but I hold back. I admire the warrior in you always have and always will. Remember I told you years ago that you moving was the new chapter in the Book of Brooke. I’m loving the read!!! 😉 (No shade intended)


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