Moses Was A Great Example


Middletown Baptist Church has some great signs to get your mind thinking each week. The problem is that I have been in Delaware for almost five years and I never noticed their signs before.

My friend Michele sent me this picture. I laughed for many reasons. First, I thought of Sydney’s love for Egypt and her reenactments of Moses in the basket. Next, I thought there is hope for me because I was once a basket case for sure.

As a baby, Moses was put in a basket and placed in The Nile River by his mother. His mother did that to keep him safe from Pharaoh, who had ordered all Hebrew baby boys killed. What faith, his mother must have had to let her son go. I can’t imagine the sadness that she felt in that moment.

The story of Moses is a testimony of having faith and walking through the wilderness. Moses would go on to hear the voice of God, through a burning bush. God would speak to Moses like you speak to your spouse. Moses was given instructions from God on what to do next. But most importantly Moses was obedient and received The Ten Commandments.

Moses gives me hope. I was a basket case during parts of my life. God didn’t speak to me as clearly as he did to Moses. Or did He? I think when I was at my lowest. Feeling like a failure. God was with me. I compare Moses drifting down the river. To when I left Michigan in a daze and moved to Delaware.

We are all searching for The Promised Land. A land of milk and honey as described in the Bible. I was a basket case. I needed to find new land. A new place to start over. A new place to look forward and see what life had to offer me.

It wasn’t easy and some days are still tough for me. But I am no longer floating in a basket or see myself as a basket case. I’ve come a long way. Looking back isn’t an option.

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