It’s All In Your Head


One of my favorite lines from a movie is from Field of Dreams. “If you build it. They will come”

Well, I think that if you believe in something it will happen. Not right away or at the snap of your fingers. But if you hold on it will happen.

For every doctor that told me I wouldn’t conceive naturally. I spoke life and claimed that I would have children. I thanked God for Harrison years before he was born. I even named him.  Then I waited on God to work a miracle on my behalf.

When I needed to forgive my ex. I had to pray long and hard. I had to dig deep. When I noticed that I was making matters worse by holding onto anger. I told myself each day. I will survive. I will forgive. I will be okay.

It didn’t matter what my mommy or daddy told me. I had to tell myself that I would be okay. That I could get back up and provide for my children.

I lost everything that I worked hard for. It was gone in an instant. I encourage you to start today by thinking about the desires of heart and believing that you have already received them.

Believe me when I say that people will laugh at you. Call you crazy for believing in something that you can’t see and have been waiting on for years. Just smile, wave and keep walking in your authority.

I prayed for the day that my children would smile and be happy again. I prayed for the day that we would have peace in our home. My prayers were finally answered.


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