Sydney’s Story


Miracles happen everyday. We might be too busy to notice the simple miracles that many people take for granted. I believe in miracles. I believe in the impossible. When my circumstances look hopeless. That’s when I stand still because I know that God is about to show up and show out!

Saturday, Harrison had a chance to hang out for some “guy time” with Uncle Austin. You know the routine. You don’t have to be biological family for my children to claim you as their auntie or uncle.

Many miracles occurred on Saturday. Some I will share and some I am not ready to share yet. I would have never thought that Sydney and I could have a mommy/daughter day. We still haven’t had a pedicure day. I think that might be our next outing.

As a single mom I try my best to give my attention to each of my children. I try to plan one activity with Harrison. One with Sydney and if I am lucky one activity for myself. It doesn’t always work out that way. But I try my best.

I would have never thought that Sydney and I could go to the salon, lunch and run a few errands. Sydney is a pro at the salon. I think it helps that we go to an amazing salon, Hair is Our Passion. They are so welcoming.

Sydney’s iPad battery died while she was getting her hair straightened. She still had at least 20 minutes before she would be done. I just knew that she would get agitated. But she enjoyed being pampered and the iPad didn’t cause a meltdown.

I was able to relax and get my hair done, which is a luxury for me. After we left the salon. We stopped at Walgreens. I reviewed the list with Sydney before we went inside. I also reminded her that this was a different Walgreens and that it might be set up differently. We were standing in line and Sydney noticed the left over roses from Valentine’s Day. Well they were 50% off and almost dead. Sydney went to pick up a dozen of reddish black roses to buy. The clerk told her they were dying and she shouldn’t buy them. I admit I was nervous that this could be a trigger.

Sydney looked at me and asked for the flowers. I reminded her of the pretty flowers that we have at home. I told her she could rearrange them into smaller bouquets when we returned home. She smiled and placed the flowers back in the water and joined me in line.

I know you are thinking where are the miracles. Two hours at the salon, a meltdown free trip to Walgreens are two miracles right there. Hold on it gets better.

When we arrived home. Sydney saw her reflection in window and said “I am Pocahontas.” Let’s see if she is over with being an Egyptian princess or not. As we walked on the porch. I told Syd I wanted to take a picture so I could show Auntie ReRe back in Michigan.


Sydney looked directly at me and then at the camera. She was calm and peaceful. Her eye contact was amazing in two pictures. I have noticed that Sydney uses better eye contact when she interacts with people.

This was a miracle. I waited seven years for Sydney to make eye contact. But it wasn’t always consistent. Now I think that using eye contact is helping her to understand and process what she hears.

Autism is different in every family. Each family experiences success at different levels. We never take for granted the tiniest victory and miracles.

What’s next for Sydney and I? Maybe we can finally have that trip to get pedicures. Maybe we will visit Central Park. Maybe she will be asked to a birthday party or make a friend.

I still believe in miracles.



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