Mean People Suck


Is my blog title too harsh? Maybe for some, but I needed to keep it real and be straightforward. So here goes.

Last week I had an aha moment. It was a revelation about mean people. The first words that came to mind were that mean people suck.


It is obvious to me now that mean people get a thrill or joy out of being mean to others. There is a certain satisfaction that they experience. The thrill of  provoking people for a response excites them.

When I think about the time that people focus on being mean to others. It makes me wonder. What kind of thrill is that? For me, I get a thrill from a ribeye steak, garlic mashed potatoes and sautéed mushrooms. If you can find a way to mix in bacon. That’s a home run. I get a thrill from seeing Morris Chestnut without a shirt. That is joy, unspeakable joy! Lastly, the perfect red wine blend paired with a cheese selection. My heart is filled with joy.


The smiles on Harrison and Sydney’s faces bring a joy that I can’t explain. That’s why it is hard for me to understand why people get joy out of being mean.

It is like they are on a hunt to have a reason to be mean. Did you know that mean people raise mean children? And the cycle continues. Have you ever met a child who  was mean? Then you meet their mother or father.  Case closed.

We all have done mean things or said mean things. We are human. I am referring to people who intentionally set out to be mean to others. Those that get a thrill or pleasure from someone else’s pain.


What a sad life that must be. To be comfortable being mean. Mean people suck. How do you deal with mean people? I always try to stay away from mean people. I don’t know about you. But mean people always seem to find me.

Moving forward when I encounter mean people . I think I am just going to start asking them a simple question. Have you always been mean? Or is this something new you are trying?

Situations, challenges, illness, divorce, and finances all can make you mean or bitter. But being vindictive, mean and a busy body are not the traits that you want people to think about when they hear your name.


Mean people suck. Once you realize it. They won’t have power over you any longer. Don’t let them steal your joy. Do you Boo!

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