It’s Time For Lady Days


When I knew that Sydney was getting closer to reaching puberty. I was in total shock and disbelief. I wasn’t prepared for her to start her cycle or for her to wear a bra. Many things scare me with autism. Having someone take advantage of Sydney is very high on my list.

Preparing Sydney for her cycle was very tricky. She would read The American Girl book with me. But I had to make sure she was understanding what would happen to her body each month. I also think I didn’t want Sydney to suffer like I did. My cycles were the worst. Fibroid tumors were the devil. They were the cause of ten surgeries, infertility and finally a partial hysterectomy.

Syd and I began to track the Princess Period. We made sure that she had her princess pads. She was ready. The entire house knew when the Princess Period arrived. She would announce it loud enough for everyone to hear.

I was impressed how she was handling everything. Going to school became a little bit of a challenge. We love Mr. V. But I think he really didn’t want to hear that it was time for the Princess Period.

I would inform Mr. V know when Syd would need to use the bathroom in the nurse’s office that week. That was working out great. Since Syd is getting older, the princess period may not work anymore.

Now she will tell me “ Mom, it’s my lady days.” Sydney continues to surprise me. From her school work, to interacting with peers and now handling her lady days. Autism is a challenge. Sydney has proven that trouble doesn’t last always. And miracles happen each day.

So when did the lady days products get so expensive???????

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