Blogging From Bed


Warning: The font might be wacky. I’m not yelling if it appears in all caps. But I’m blogging from bed this morning.

Day two of being snowed in has given me time to self reflect. My friend Rene told me to use the power of self- reflection and I’m taking her advice. Along with some lifestyle changes as well.

As I blog from bed on my iPhone the silence in my home is peaceful. I don’t mind when Syd is singing and Harrison is playing with his friends. Those sounds are music to my ears.

I am thankful for a morning where everyone slept through the night including me. Even though Syd is sleeping better. I still wake up. My brain doesn’t shut down with worry most of the time. It’s God telling me to pray, search the index of the Bible to find some comfort. Yes, I still need the index.

I wake up to check on both of my children. Most times I stand over them and thank God for the miracles doctors said I would never have. Or I pray because I know they struggle and miss their dad.

Today I’m reflecting on being thankful. I admit that I only gave thanks during November. But when you’ve been in a battle for your life. You start thanking God for everything, every day. You can ask my teaching partner Elisabeth. She has some stories to tell you.

The peace in my home inspired me to write another blog about what it’s like to live in prison. It was difficult to write and was scheduled to post today. You may remember I pray before I post and I wasn’t ready to share, yet.

My reflection time this morning was my time. I didn’t journal. I looked at the snow from my window. I thought about how awesome and amazing God is.

I thought about how much this school year teaching first has taught me. I thought about my advocacy work. Not just for my children but for other families.

I’m thankful for Syd handling her “lady days” yesterday like a champ. I did panic when I thought we were out of female products. But we searched backpacks and drawers and she’s all set. Thank you Jesus.

Most of all I was thankful that I could spend time with my children. Time where we forgot about autism and focused on watching movies, having a dance party and cooking together.

I needed time to self reflect on my duties as a mom. I needed to acknowledge the things that I am doing well. And to face the areas where I struggle.

I loved Spring Snow Storm and missing two days of school. That doesn’t mean I hate my job. It means I love the chance to be a stay at home mom for two days. I needed these two days for many reasons. Harrison and Sydney are at the top of that list.

Will we be in school until the end of June? Who cares?! I’ll be wearing a maxi dress and flip flops. Unless God decides to throw in a Summer Snow Storm. Jesus take the wheel.

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