I Am Not Worthy


Maybe God had Sydney watching The Ten Commandments for a reason. It wasn’t just for her love of Egypt. It was because I needed a reminder when I felt like Moses.

Moses felt that he wasn’t qualified to rescue his people from Pharaoh. How many times do you feel that you aren’t qualified or worthy enough?

I’m not ashamed to admit I felt like Moses. God has prepared a place for us to enter. But we are fearful. We worry about what others will say.

People won’t understand why you pray and call on Jesus. But in time they will. They will mock you and tell others of your love for God! But are they being Christians or ridiculing your faith?

I’ve tried to run away from what God has placed on my life. When I tell people I had to experience autism, divorce and disappointments for moments like this. They look at me with concern in their eyes.

Then I realized I was right in the position where God wanted me to be. I was the piece on the chessboard that really wanted to stand my ground and guard my territory. But God had a different approach. He saw the best in me. When I felt like I was a nobody and not worthy of anything, especially love and opportunities.

It’s a new dawn. And a new day. I may not have all of the qualifications that you do. You may size me up and wonder why a woman like me is breaking bread with you.

It’s all God’s plan. I’ve learned to trust Him to navigate this journey for me. I thought this journey was winding down. But it has only just begun.




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