Seas The Day


I haven’t had too many mimosas on my spring break vacation. I know my blog title should really be Seize the Day. But as a I type on the deck. Listening to the waves of the ocean and watching the tides roll in by the shore. I am reminded to enjoy the moment and live in the present.

My soul is at peace now. I am watching Sydney inside in the reading nook working on a word search book. Usually I blog with music on for my inspiration. But that is not needed. Today I took advantage of the fact that I could watch the sunrise over the ocean. I could walk on the beach and feel the sand between my newly pedicured toes. I am happy with the world.

After every paragraph I  check to see that Sydney is okay and still in my view. Harrison has grown up in the past three days of our vacation. He’s spending time with his older cousins and uncles. That alone is the best part of the vacation. I’ll share a blog about our autism friendly vacation later this week. Let’s get back to the center of this blog me.


It must be the braids that make me feel so free and not have a care in the world. Maybe it’s the fact that I haven’t had a panic attack since I have been here. I let the stress go and I haven’t felt this amazing in a very long time.

It is hard to describe the sense of power I feel. The sense of a renewed mind and spirit. My focus is clear. My brain isn’t foggy at all. But how do I keep this feeling alive when I return home. Do I bring sand back in a bottle along with sea shells? Do I decorate my room with a beach theme?

For the past three days.  I have felt such joy and peace to write my book and blog. The ideas were flowing so fast. My hands couldn’t keep up with the typing. I know everyone told me to stay off social media. It’s your vacation. I understand that completely. But I also wanted to share the autism success stories that our family experienced while being on a family vacation with 14 other family members all in the same beach house.

Outerbanks, North Carolina has been my teacher this week. This vacation taught me to Seas the Day. I was able to embrace the ocean. I let the tears that I had been holding in for so long fall on my face. I wept, prayed and asked God for forgiveness. It was an experience that words can’t truly describe. At one point I thought I might need to dip myself in the ocean to be baptized again. The experience was just that powerful and moving.

How will you Seas the Day? When I return home I will enjoy the present and not worry about the future. This feeling of fulfillment  in my spirit will travel back home with me. I will keep it close to my heart. As I prepare for my next adventure.

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