Oh Happy Place

“Brother, brother where are you brother?” “Hurry up brother.” “Harrison where are you?”

Sydney missed her brother because this week they went their separate ways which was great. Harrison had a chance to be a teenager. Play pool, watch movies, and be a kid.

He wanted to do his own activities with other family members and I encouraged it. Syd and I hung out a lot. I didn’t even use the baby monitor on this vacation. Usually I set it up so I can still socialize with family while keeping an eye on Sydney in our room.

This trip was different. She would greet family when they entered a room. She shared her toys with her cousins. She gave hugs to family members and enjoyed capturing memories on her iPad.

When Syd and I sat on the beach. We talked, she collected shells for Aunt Jenny. She didn’t panic when a dog started barking as we walked along the beach. She didn’t take off running to the ocean. She didn’t have a tantrum when it was time to leave.

Sydney told me this was perfect and calm. We stared at the waves for the longest time. Not speaking but thinking, praying, me crying and reflecting.

I would have never taken Sydney to the beach alone. I wasn’t confident enough. I was embarrassed, not of Sydney. I was embarrassed that everyone else was a complete family and then there was us.

We didn’t do all of the things on our list in Outerbanks. But we definitely made memories.

We learned the importance of a family vacation. Thanks for reading my posts and following our journey. You know we don’t get out much. Could you tell I was excited?

We head home tomorrow. Then it’s back to reality. I pray that the peace and happiness that showed on my face in the photographs stays with me. I never want to let it go.

Where can Copher’s Community visit next?

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