Do You See What I See?

I wish they would see what I see. Syd is not like every child you meet with autism. I wish they would give her a chance and listen to her read. Instead they assume she can’t read.

I wish they knew she typed the grocery list all by herself. I wish they saw the smiles on her face when she received her birthday wishes yesterday.

What do I need to do for them to take a second look at Sydney? Instead they focus on her deficits. They areas where she struggles. They don’t see the growth and progress.

I’ll stand strong for you Sydney and so will those that love you. We will stand strong for you Sydney and be your voice. I thought it would be easier now that you are older. But my job advocating never ends.

Today I’ll stand strong and pray my words flow like sweet honey. Let God go before me and touch the hearts and souls of all involved. Syd the Kid, it’s time to show them what a blessing you are.


~An Autism Mom Coach

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