I Forgot To Pray

I think all hell broke loose because I forgot to pray. I may have said a quick Hail Mary that morning. I can’t recall.

Who am I kidding? I’m always praying. I’m praying throughout the day for guidance and protection. I’m praying for God to watch over my children. I’m praying for the people on my prayer list, who have reached out to me.

On Thursday Sydney was in distress. It was a reminder that I always have to pray. I prayed for Harrison as I heard the distress in his voice. The first day of school is bringing many uncertainties and unknowns for me. I’m making lists, making phone calls and crying. Then I realized I needed to pray first. I’m looking for a miracle, a ram in the bush and a David and Goliath victory.

I don’t see it. But I believe it will all work in my favor. Even if the answer comes late in the midnight hour.

You might need an answer, revelation or a miracle today. Pray first friends.



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