Being An Autism Sibling Is Hard

I know you love her. But I also know it’s hard some days. That’s why when we are all laughing and going different places we never thought we could we enjoy every moment.

You give her love and show her what love looks like and feels like. You have a secret handshake and a skit that you perform that makes you both laugh deep in your belly. You look like twins. And you both make me extremely proud.

But I also see the frustration in your eyes. I hear the sadness and despair in your voice at times. I acknowledge that and let you talk through it. If you choose to go back to Michigan after high school. I won’t hold you back or be upset. If you choose to join The Navy and sail as far away from us as you can. I won’t judge you for that either.

You have made sacrifices when you shouldn’t have. I’ve asked you to step up when you weren’t ready and that’s not fair. I’m sorry. The good thing is that we communicate. I don’t want our family on an episode of Iyanla Vanzant’s Fix Your Life!

Being an autism sibling isn’t for everyone. God chose you and you have been a blessing. When you ask me if it will be okay. I tell you yes. Now that you are older you can see the pain and uncertainty in my eyes. Remember I tell you that God will never leave us. We will be alright even in the midst of darkness.

You are more than Sydney’s older brother. You are Harrison Noah Copher, an anointed child of God. You are my miracle.



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