Never Settle

I’m not sure when it became the norm to settle. Is it because we fear being alone? Or do we fear how we will be perceived if we speak up for ourselves?

We all need friends and I’m blessed to have some of the best. But there was a time when I had to let my shitty friends go. I’m sure I probably turned into a shitty friend in their eyes too. Don’t settle!

Please don’t settle for a shitty man. Yes, this is coming from a divorced woman without a man. But I refuse to settle just to have a snuggle buddy, plus one or someone to tag on my social media photos.

You deserve better! Respect and a love that doesn’t cause you pain. Carry yourself in such a manner that you attract all of the wonderful things that are waiting to find you. What else could you add to the list of things not to settle for? Search your heart today. Don’t settle for less.



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