Was I Dreaming?

I woke up twice last night and thought I must have been dreaming. Then I realized that we did spend the day in New York City. No meltdowns for Syd and no panic attacks for me.

Harrison’s favorite part was meeting people of course and spending time with Kayla. Sydney told me her favorite part was going to Central Park Zoo.

As I we walked in the city. I held back tears because we were really doing this. Now I admit I was anxious not knowing how Sydney would respond to the sights and sounds of the city or the bus ride.

Here are some of her comments from yesterday.

“Look at my people.”

“This is so awesome.”

“We’re all gonna die”(riding in the Uber)

“Did you see that?” (A man in a cowboy hat and speedo)

“My family.”

Yesterday was a victory for Copher’s Community in many ways. I was reminded of just how much of a badass I am. We had fun on a budget. I praised Harrison and Sydney for doing such a great job.

Anything is possible if you just believe.

Be Blessed,


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