Do Not Disturb

My second graders love my Do Not Disturb Tiara. I use it during my DI small group time. Thanks to Sydney I can switch up the tiaras each day.

When you are a teacher working with a small group. The chances of being interrupted are 💯%. My students know the routine for bathroom breaks, so they are able to go without asking me.

The rules for my Do Not Disturb Tiara may seem odd to you. Anyone that’s worked in a classroom will agree with me. When I’m working with my small group. The only reasons to interrupt me are as follows: there’s a fire, zombies are coming or someone is bringing me an iced tea.

Of course the kids laughed at the rules. But the Tiara is working. If I forget to put on my Tiara, a student will always bring it to me.

This week I was wearing an invisible do not disturb tiara. I was having trouble processing information and the more I received, the more I felt anxious.

I love my girls at work. They rallied behind me yesterday when I least expected. My friend Tammy even suggested I go in the prayer closet! Love it. ” Jesus take the wheel!”

There are days when putting on the do not disturb tiara is acceptable. I felt much better last night. I felt at peace and slept for ten hours.

Be careful about the Do Not Disturb Tiara with your class. When you wonder why it’s so quiet and the kids won’t ask you questions. It’s because you forgot to take off the tiara.

Happy Friday,



2 thoughts on “Do Not Disturb

  1. I love the idea of the Do Not Disturb Tiara! Yet there’s an exception for tea❤️😂!

    So glad you were able to unwind from the anxiety and get 10 hours of sleep🙌🏽. That’s amazing and I’m sure it was much needed.

    Love ya,


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