I Left CrossFit For Sydney and a Wheelchair

Many of you have asked about my CrossFit journey and I’m here to tell you it’s over. Now I don’t give up easily and I’m proud I went, but CrossFit and I weren’t a match made in heaven. Now if my situation were different I might have had a chance at jumping over boxes and jumping rope like Muhammad Ali.

With my recent cardiac issues I think I was trying to prove something to myself, I did it and I didn’t die. ✔️ Now time to move along.

One morning at 5:00 am over the Thanksgiving break Sydney and I were both awake before Harrison. I was motivated to work out. I couldn’t leave her at home with Harrison sleeping so I told her we were going on an adventure.

Sydney has a wheelchair that we use when she has a seizure and I need help to transport her. I put Syd in the wheelchair and decided to walk the neighborhood pushing Syd. I would jog a bit and then walk all while pushing Sydney. She loved it and I felt it in every muscle of my body.

We stopped to take a break and more people were now out walking their pets and jogging. We kept going and I was getting tired of pushing Sydney. Three blocks away from our home I told Sydney she was going to have to walk the rest of the way. My arms and legs felt like rubber and she drank all of my water.

I had to dig deep and finish the challenge, so Syd stayed in the wheelchair and I kept pushing her until we made it to our driveway.

That’s really the story of our lives no matter what obstacles we face, we continue to push with all of our strength. We find creative ways to get the job done by any means.

Work at your own pace, try CrossFit, try getting off the couch, try eating smaller portions, do what works best for your body and your situation.



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