My Fear As An Author

I didn’t have an agent or a publisher and I wanted to give up many times. This weekend as I was reading the proof, I was tempted to put the book on hold and finish my second book on autism.

Is the cover okay? Will they get my humor? Did I share too much? Will they look at me differently after they read my story? No, I don’t have a kindle version of the book yet, I was trying to convince myself that publishing my book was still a good idea.

Then I looked at my orange post it notes with my badass affirmations written on them and I knew I had to share my story. You may not relate to all of the book, but there will be one chapter that will speak to your soul.

The pressure is on now because I will wait for the reviews and feedback. I will pray that I can find an agent that can take care of the behind the scenes business while I focus on my writing.

Some may think writing my second book is too soon, but writing soothes my soul, and the book about autism is raw and digs deep into the soul.

I thank God for friends and family that offered their help along the way, and for all of the support that has been given to me.

Since there’s a recall on romaine lettuce you should buy my book instead just saying. 😉

I Am Enough: A Woman’s Work sold on Amazon.



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