Jesus Take The Entire Vehicle

I always call on Jesus, Black Jesus, and say Jesus take the wheel. Last week my sissy shared that Jesus needs to take the entire vehicle, that phrase captured my life.

Cue Frosty, our outside decoration. I feel like Frosty looks, so exhausted and my head is spinning. It’s a tired that I can’t put into words properly. All I wanted for Christmas was Frosty, a little decoration to add outside our home. Tonight is our Christmas party and I wanted it to look nice. Now I have a headless snowman that lost his battle with the winds of Delaware this past week. Harrison thought I was crazy when I told him to bring Frosty inside last night so I could operate on him.

Operation Rescue Frosty today continues to see if we have zip tied him securely to go back outside today.

I felt like Frosty when advocating for Sydney this week, autism had me up against the ropes, on my knees and in my prayer closet. I felt lost, and alone like I was going crazy asking for things for Sydney at school.

Then there’s my job. I was on a whole new level on exhaustion, the kind that makes your body think it is Friday on Tuesday. It was a “I’ve been working on the plantation kind of tired.”

Thank God my second grade team is amazing because we were encouraging each other all week and working smarter not harder. By Friday afternoon we were all wiped out. My teacher bag came home empty for the Christmas break. My lesson plans are done for the three days that we come back in January. I am not doing anything teacher related over the break. I need to prepare for Syd’s IEP in January, but I am putting that on hold as well.

We may all feel and look like Frosty today for a variety of reasons. Don’t stay on the ground, beat down and discombobulated. Ask a friend to help you get back up, shake it off and enjoy your time with family. Everything else can wait, enjoy the moment, take time to smile, dance and enjoy it all.



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