This Christmas

I learned so much this season. I always knew Jesus was the reason, that’s why we made birthday cupcakes for Jesus each year. Yesterday we improvised and made precut sugar cookies for Jesus and it was all good.

I learned that less is more. When you have a child with autism you never know how the gift selection will go over with her. Most years Syd would rip open her gifts and then play with old toys in her room. This year she was excited to open her gifts and take them to her room to put on display.

The LEGO set and an art activity I think are her favorites. Ain’t nobody got time for LEGOs today, because we have to go to Grandma’s house for dinner. We will save that project for later this week.

Harrison was thankful for his Michigan gear, video games and money. Their father sent them each a letter and generous gift card to Target. For Harrison the letter meant the world to him.

Less is more in so many areas of my life. It took Christmas morning for me to reflect on many things. I sat on my deck with the sun shining and had a little talk with Jesus. I shed tears for the sadness that I feel for others that are hurting. I thanked God that I have my children with me.

Our hearts are filled with love, peace and the spirit of kindness today. It’s a feeling that I want to capture and hold dear to my heart. Thinking of all of you today with love in my heart.



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